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Grendel - "Age Of The Disposable Body" Limited Edition Cassette (feat bonus material!)

$10.00 / Sold Out

Strictly limited to only 50 copies! "Age Of The Disposable Body" on cassette, featuring exclusive bonus remixes and a cover! High quality fully pro printed, produced and wound cassette in clear case, black cassette shell, double sided 8 panel J-card, shrink wrap sealed and comes with 2 signed postcards. Total of 18 tracks with a full running time of 90 minutes, featuring exclusive bonus remix by Trespasser and amazing cover of "AOTDB" by none other than Spiritual Front! Don't miss out on this opportunity and order today!

Note: Item will be released & shipped Monday January 22, 2018!

Track Listing:

1. Magnum Opus
2. Severed Nations
3. Hex It
4. Fall Like Rome
5. Flux
6. Far Away (feat. The.Invalid)
8. Scorn
9. Dead Inside

1. Zero Hour
2. AOTDB (Noire Antidote remix)
3. Severed Nations (Ludovico Technique remix)
4. Hex It (Sølve remix)
5. Far Away (Panic Lift remix)
6. Hex It (Spitmask remix)
7. Severed Nations (Trespasser remix)
8. Hex It (High Functioning Flesh remix)
9. AOTDB (Cover by Spiritual Front)